Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lex Meets Santa

Santa came home and found unfamiliar scent.
She sniffed the place and even decided to pee and poo on the newspaper there which is not like her to do her business anywhere in the house except in the toilet.
Lex thought he is a big boy, kept chasing Santa round the house.
Wonder why Santa is afraid of Lex.
Santa seemed to be keeping an eye on Lex.
Lex was taken up onto the sofa and Santa decided to get away.
Santa ran off and got onto my bed. Lex must be wondering why Santa kept running away from him.
Then Lex decided to leave Santa alone.
Lex chased Santa round the house almost biting Santa's hind leg when Santa was about to leap onto the chair.
Lex finally settled down with a toy.

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