Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Of Lex

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Watch Lex in action!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye To Lex

Lex returned to his owner, Ben, on 26 March 2009. I shall miss him.

Follow this blog for a link to Lex's blog by Ben when the blog is up.

"It's A Small Business!"

Lex takes a few licks of water first....
....and then it's....
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....this is what came out...
After emptying his bladder, played with another one of Santa's toys.
Happily chewing away.
Then he was put behind bars because he did not do his business at the right place.
Giving me that innocent look...
....and who could keep him there for long?

More Of Lex's Daytime Activities

Lex is not comfortable with this collar.

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Playing with bunny.

Chewing on a white ball.Playing with the white ball....Sniffing Santa's chair...

Checking out the height.....
Wants to get off the chair.
Onto the cold floor...

Lex's Daytime Activities

Lex lazing on the floor.

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Lex is vey inquisitive.Wants to check what's in the laundry basket. Annoyed with me for pushing him away from the laundry basket.After a drink of water from his water bowl that is in the room. Lex's comfortable "den" with some of his toys.Lex posing beside his "den".

Chewing On A Piece Of Apple

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Orange Peel To Chew On

Hope chewing on orange peel will help freshen Lex's breath too.

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